Aloe Vera Raw Organic Juice


Strengthen your immune system.


Ensure your beauty and pure vitality with 100% pure Aloe Vera raw organic juice, which promotes beautiful and healthy skin and regenerates the inner mucous membranes at the same time. Give your body and your skin a special sense of well-being.


The Aloe Vera plants with deep green healthy colour, full of vitality, are growing in harmony with nature in the tropical rainforest of Yucatan, Mexico. During the processing of Aloe Vera, it is important to preserve the numerous beneficial ingredients of the Aloe Vera gel. Accordingly for a high quality it is necessary to peel the leafs in handwork. Most producers of Aloe Vera products press the entire leaves - including the rind - and filter the contaminants, such as aloin via a harsh filtration process. This means that many important and beneficial ingredients of the Aloe Vera plant are lost in the process, thus also changing its mode of action.


The Aloe Vera raw organic juice contains 100% pure fresh plant juice and is free of citric acid and preservatives.



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