A family business, with head and heart


The special story of PHARMOS NATUR

“When you follow your true vocation, doors open to life in all its fullness.” 
In the early 1980s, when company founder Margot Esser-Greineder worked as a business consultant for the pharmaceutical industry, she suffered severe burns on her face and upper body during a trip to the USA. Chance brought her to a naturopathic clinic, where for over a week she was professionally and lovingly treated with fresh Aloe Vera gel and avocado flesh every day. Her skin regenerated perfectly, leaving no scars. 

She realised: 
If plants can work such miracles, then many more people need to know about it. The idea of establishing an exceptional company was born. PHARM-OS – back to the origin, back to nature.



What began in 1986 with six Aloe Vera products in chemists’ shops for medicinal use in clinics and doctors’ surgeries is now a successful, family-run, pioneering premium natural cosmetics company. 
Both exclusive family-owned perfumeries and beauty institutes and selected 4 and 5* wellness hotels value the small but perfectly formed range of pure Green Luxury natural cosmetics, along with our unusual treatment methods. The highlight of every treatment is the use of fresh gel, pressed directly from a very special Aloe Vera leaf. The company’s excellent training and professional development academy, on Lake Starnberg near Munich, has become a vital linchpin.

“This lady is an innovative genius. She has fascinated me from the beginning,” says Paul Greineder, managing director and partner of PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury. When the former head of the Munich Löwenbräu Group was getting to know Margot Esser, who is now his wife, one thing was immediately obvious: the couple share their great passion for perfection and the power of nature as well as their love for each other. They threw themselves into building the company’s potential with open, enquiring minds and lots of love and enthusiasm.
There followed an intensive phase with many attempts to cultivate Aloe Vera around the globe. The objective? To find the best possible growth conditions. The pair carried out a detailed series of tests, from a Tibetan meditation centre in Andalusia, through various medical faculties in North Africa, the Canary Islands and Chile, to Columbia and Mexico and, finally, Ecuador, where the best solution was found by a bishop: an old Mayan planting method yielded the most beautiful results. Since then, particularly healthy and potent Aloe Vera plants have been growing in mindful mixed cultures, with no nasty chemicals, in Ecuador, side by side with papayas, mangos, noni, cocoa and moringa; all plants obtain from each other all the nutrients they need for healthy growth. 
“We learned that all plants want to grow together in families from the Mayan farmers. We respect this and put it into practice – with great reverence for nature,” says Margot Esser-Greineder. “People and nature belong intrinsically together. Working with small, local farmers in long-term secure partnerships is axiomatic for us. Only in this way can we exchange knowledge with each other and respond flexibly to change. Only in this way will the local people be glad to work for our company and cultivate the plants with great joy and care. This is globalisation to benefit everyone.” For almost 30 years, PHARMOS NATUR has been supporting the livelihoods of local smallholders by building and maintaining schools. Agricultural ecology training centres are now also being planned, using platforms aiming to protect the rainforest.

Nowadays the family business PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury is also supported by the son, lawyer Alexander Esser, who provides help and advice, and who is also committed to promoting the corporate philosophy, so it continues and remains consistent.
A passionate strategist, he helps to define and expand the legal framework for fair partnerships with both farmers and sales partners around the world.
“In his way, my son invented our ‘beauty care from within’. While I was pregnant, I tried to alleviate my hair loss and ate fresh gel from Aloe Vera leaves every day. The result was amazing! This is how our idea for special Aloe Vera organic juice was born.

As a skilled brewer, my husband developed our own method of preserving the fresh juice without using additives.” Today, PHARMOS NATUR is proud and happy to sell 100% pure, unadulterated Aloe Vera juice. No preservatives, no citric acid and no alcohol. No unnecessary heat. Only healthy nature that works. 

The fascination with beauty and health care from within remained, and Margot Esser-Greineder’s spirit of research developed more products for inner strength. She quickly recognised: “Healthy, beautiful skin on the outside is connected to healthy, intact mucosa on the inside. A healthy gut is a prerequisite for radiant, beautiful skin on the outside and a feeling of well-being in the whole person.” Her inquisitiveness has prompted her to search the world for the most potent healing and rejuvenative plants that maintain and strengthen the body from the inside out.
Today, PHARMOS NATUR is a pioneer in the field of “beauty care from within”. A potent range of “Lebensgesundmittel” forms an indispensable part of our cosmetic practice.
“Our products are honest. They have high ecological and social value,” says Paul Greineder. “As a company, we see ourselves as experts in ecology, wholeness and humanity. More and more, we acknowledge the laws of nature and engage in sustainable, holistic agriculture. We are aware that the plants have an energetic and spiritual plane and we do everything to preserve it. We combine the latest research with ancient shamanic knowledge about BEING healthy and BEING beautiful. We know that inspiration and vigour are born of joy and enthusiasm for the work, and that is why we support our employees, wherever we can. All this means we are a company with a future.”
PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury: The company’s founder knows that only plants healthy in body, spirit and soul can touch the body, spirit and soul of human beings. “It is our company’s duty to raise consciousness, with the help of plants.
Plants are incredibly wise living beings and contain ancient knowledge. They are the expression of creative power. We let them speak and act in their pure form. Their beautiful, sensuous nature boosts human energy levels and shows us a new path to health and wholeness. For us, Green Luxury means pure abundance; the luxuriant abundance of nature becomes a tangible experience.”
At PHARMOS NATUR, luxury means meaningfulness. It is the rediscovery of the human connection with nature, with our own emotions, our own consciousness. Nature in all its abundance is the key to our own amazing consciousness. At PHARMOS NATUR, luxury means joie de vivre.
 “I intend to bring head, body and heart into harmony again, and plants do this in an extraordinary fashion. I learned this for myself and I am so grateful to plants. This has opened the door to life in all its fullness.” 
Margot Esser-Greineder


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