A Fair Trade Partnership with Smallholders


The origin of our plants is especially important to us.

Mindful cultivation and caring partnerships that we value

For many years, the PHARMOS NATUR SACRED PLANTS have been lovingly cultivated in an organically-certified mixed cultivation by small farmers in the most fertile soils in the most energy-rich places in the world. These farmers meticulously tend the plants in a rigorously ecological manner without nasty chemicals. Under optimum conditions in terms of climate, humidity and soil quality, the plants grow and develop their characteristically high concentration of active substances. This work gives the farmers the independence to take full responsibility for themselves and their families.



Fertile Soil and Mixed Cultivation



Our Aloe Vera plants thrive in splendid mixed cultivation in the fertile, healthy soil of Ecuador and Mexico. During the growing season, a uniformly warm, humid climate and this region’s special energy enable the development of a particularly viscous juice in which the rich active substances accumulate.





A Unique Interactive Network of Hundreds of Active Substances


Smallholders in Mexico and Ecuador meticulously and lovingly tend and cultivate the plants without nasty chemicals. Our cultivation areas are organically certified. The precious juice is carefully pressed from the leaves by hand, meaning that PHARMOS NATUR can ensure that no leaf rind is used. Sophisticated technology is used to process the pure Aloe Vera plant gel in Germany following PHARMOS NATUR’s own methods.



This fair partnership ensures consistently high quality for



Healing and rejuvenative plants and their benefits for health and beauty lie at the heart of PHARMOS NATUR’s work. We focus on people.

We all live on the same planet which we want to protect while preserving people’s livelihoods.

Therefore, we work as equal partners with smallholders on different continents. Our cooperation is based on trust and fair payment, which guarantees that the farmers’ livelihood remains local.

We combine traditional wisdom with modern scientific knowledge.


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