Unique natural cosmetics. Exclusive treatments. Lebensgesundmittel & superfoods – nature that works.

We are fascinated by the beauty and power of nature. Our unique natural cosmetics are made from the world’s most precious healing and rejuvenative plants and 100% Aloe Vera organic juice instead of water – superlative care for your skin. Our potent Lebensgesundmittel will supply you with the entire spectrum of healthy, natural nutrients, for vitality and radiant beauty from the inside. Our exceptional treatments with fresh Aloe Vera leaves will lovingly put you back in touch with yourself. To us, this means genuinely NATURAL COSMETICS. Health and beauty from inside and out – in harmony with nature.

Happy plants are highly effective. That is why we choose the most energy-rich, potent places around the world and cultivate our plants with great reverence, regionally and globally. Smallholders nurture and care for them with love and spiritual awareness, in mixed cultivation with no nasty chemicals. This is how the plants become our very special Sacred Plants.

Our certified natural cosmetic products are naturally free from mineral oil, parabens and PEGs. We even go one step further and do without added water, alcohol and citric acid. That is what differentiates us from conventional natural cosmetics. 

Let us inspire you – for nature that works.

Sacred Plants
Nature that works

Its incomparable deep action thanks to 100% Aloe Vera raw organic juice instead of water means that, unlike water, it does not remain on the skin’s surface, but transports valuable plant nutrients deep within the cell. Repair processes are performed there and tissue is unblocked.

A Fair Trade Partnership with Smallholders

The origin of our plants is especially important to us.

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Sacred Plants
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Sacred Plants
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PHARMOS NATUR – refreshingly different cosmetics
Have you ever wondered where the term COSMETIC comes from?

We think of the COSMOS and come immediately to the heart of the matter: in classical Greek, COSMOS means order. The original idea behind COSMETIC is the creation of beauty in the sense of order, both internal and external. PHARMOS NATUR stands for this principle. We want to boost humanity’s potential for health, to inspire health, beauty and joie de vivre, sustainably. From inside and out. With love and respect for Mother Nature and human beings.

Discover our wide range of Green Luxury cosmetics, our holistic Lebensgesundmittel and our exceptional treatments with fresh Aloe Vera leaves.


What makes us special
We take the most precious healing and rejuvenative plants from all over the world and use them in very high proportions. We attach great importance to maintaining their complex networks of active ingredients.

We are aware that plants are living beings. Our select medicinal and rejuvenative plants are adaptogenic – they themselves best know where and how they must act. Therefore we do not isolate individual active ingredients, but use the whole plant, so that the active ingredients, elemental potency, intensive light energy and high vibration in the plants can act intelligently. 

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle 

Our natural cosmetics 
The fundamental ingredient in our PHARMOS natural cosmetics is our very special ALOE VERA organic juice. Instead of water. Why is this? While conventional natural cosmetics are based on up to 80% sterilised water, living Aloe Vera juice brings the active ingredients of our precious plant compositions deep into your skin – and endows it with its own wealth of over 100 precious ingredients.

To us, this is what Green Luxury means: experiencing the perfection of nature. Savouring the exquisite ingredients. Enjoying the richness. Unlimited reverence and love for the power of nature. For more than 30 years, we have devoted ourselves to gathering fascinating experience in producing superlative natural cosmetics, that work. 

Our Lebensgesundmittel
Our potent Lebensgesundmittel and superfoods are genuine all-rounders. We keep the valuable plant ingredients whole and do not isolate any single substances, so that the full plant potency can act intelligently, exactly where your body needs it. Enjoy the feeling of radiant health and beauty coming from within. 

Our treatments
We touch the whole person, at all levels, with our philosophy, our products and our unique treatments, putting you in touch with yourself. This begins every morning, when you do something good for yourself and care for your skin with precious natural products. Self-love and a sense of well-being with every touch. Turn your morning skincare routine into a mindful ritual – your skin will feel wonderful and remind you of this joy all day long. COSMETICS means being in touch with yourself.

Be enchanted by the energy and love of fresh ALOE VERA leaves. This is the highlight of our exclusive treatments. Find an exclusive PHARMOS NATUR cosmetic institute near you and experience the loving touch of our very special plants.

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