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Sacred Plants in convenient small sizes


Moisturizing Cream 15ml, Moisturizing Spray 20ml, Cleansing Cream 20ml
  • light, protective moisturising care
  • curbs transepidermal water loss
  • moisturising all-round protection
  • a refreshing energy spray
  • regulates the hydrolipid film
  • imparts a clean, fresh feeling and smooths the skin


55 ml (€123.64* / 100 ml)

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Product information

Our little minis show true greatness
Whether as a gift, a travel set or just a daily companion: our minis are stylish, rich in active substances, intense light energy - biophotons - and high vibration. A source of deep regeneration, genuine beauty and pure energy, anytime and anyplace. Real Green Luxury natural products.
What does that mean for us? “Green” is nature, its beauty, its vitality, its uniqueness, its power and its creative strength. “Luxury” is the privilege of being able to use precisely this incredible abundance of nature. Very gently.

The Moisturizing Cream leaves your skin more supple, more elastic and completely nourished with a natural moisturising complex. Vitamin E fends off free radicals and is considered an important antioxidant and rejuvenating vitamin.

The Moisturizing Spray is a holistic complement to your skincare routine. It is easy to use anywhere and at any time. It also protects, refreshes and stimulates the senses.

The Cleansing Cream activates a deep cleansing process that provides your skin with optimal regeneration right from the start. Refreshing, very gentle and without dehydrating. Green Luxury natural cosmetics from genuine healing and rejuvenative plants, Sacred Plants for healthy, supple skin.


Cleanse your skin morning and evening with a small amount of Cleansing Cream. Afterwards, apply the Moisturizing Cream.
Enjoy the Moisturizing Spray at regular intervals throughout the day.


Recommended for

DEHYDRATED SKIN imparts greater suppleness and elasticity to the skin
NORMAL SKIN pampers and refreshes
COMBINATION, OILY, BLEMISHED SKIN gently rids the skin of tap-water residues
SENSITIVE SKIN compatible, natural cleansing
REMOVING EYE-MAKE UP gentle, thorough cleansing
Appreciation from mother nature
Observance of the cosmic rhythms
Cultivation in organic mixed culture
Fair cooperation with small farmers
Eco-social engagement
Beauty inside and out
Certified Sustainability


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