„Bildung für Amppipal – Zukunft möglich machen.“


Ende April 2014 wurde das Schulprojekt in Amppipal erfolgreich eingeweiht.

Zusammen mit der humanitären Hilfsorganisation „Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.“ hat PHARMOS NATUR das Projekt: „Bildung für Amppipal - Zukunft möglich machen“ realisiert!



A moving inauguration ceremony took place. We would like to say a special thanks to Jörg Bahr, the organisation’s Chair who organises everything with tireless dedication, and also a special thanks to Gabi Pölt, our Sales Manager, who is very committed to this role. Also the fact that the Meissners from Alpenblick in Uffing repeatedly successfully organise flea markets for the benefit of the “Schülerhilfe Nepal” is another sustainable cornerstone for school projects in Nepal.

It was of special importance to PHARMOS NATUR to support this project. This was because it was in the district of Gorkha that the first Demeter-certified cultivation project “Land of the Medicine Buddha” was established 10 years ago with the help of PHARMOS NATUR. Black sesame, tulsi, nelli and many other healing plants are grown here.

PHARMOS NATUR Green Luxury has thus set itself an ambitious goal: “We would like to work together with the “Schülerhilfe für Nepal e.V.” to practically and sustainably help a region and its people to whom we owe a great deal. This is especially necessary in a country where more than half of all inhabitants are illiterate. We want to be directly supportive in the conflicting priorities of population explosion, lack of education and material hardship because education makes you strong. It strengthens individuals and families and, thus not least society.”

Together we are strong!

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